A 7th Birthday – Sonic the Hedgehog

As always about a month before A Birthday I ask what kind of party the child wants.  I ask only a month in advance because the mind of a child is fickle.  This year he said “Super Sonic!”  Okay! Sounds fun!  Here it goes..and went.

OCT2015 059

My daughter has developed quite an interest in drawing and she loves to decorate for parties.  Here she is preparing part decorations!

OCT2015 065

OCT2015 066

OCT2015 068

OCT2015 069

OCT2015 070

My HIGH hopes were to make one of these hats for each child at the party. It took me TWO hours to make this and so everyone else  but the Birthday Boy just got Neon Yellow hats in their goodie bags.

OCT2015 071

The cake!  Birthday Boy requested a “cookie cake.”  This was super easy.
Two circle cakes cut into shapes, assembled, and frosted. 🙂

OCT2015 074

OCT2015 077

OCT2015 078

My first-ever homemade pinata.  Followed instructions on Pinterest, used water and flour, etc. Birthday Boy took ONE swing and it shattered.  So, that was a FAIL. The other kids were disappointed but had great attitudes about it.  In the future I will have to do many, many, many more layers than I thought!

OCT2015 080

OCT2015 084

Heaven help us.


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