An 11th Birthday – Art Party

How hard can it be to fling frosting at a cake?

Not hard, but not pretty.

A friend asked if I could do a splatter cake.  My response, “I don’t know but it sounds fun!”

Desperate Pinterest/Google-photo-searching ensued.  It appeared that mine would either be awful or great … there was no in-between.

I decided to do a practice cake where I literally splattered runny frosting and melted chocolate  on a plain cake.  I tried splattering with a small paint brush, with a spoon, with a dowel rod, with a knife, with a toothpick and with my fingers.  It looked awful.  I began to panic a bit.

I quickly got a hold of myself and realized that this experiment did yield valuable information:  The frosting splatters looked best using a knife (to fling) or toothpick (to drizzle or paint).  Melted chocolate worked better than frosting, by far.

Cake day:

This cake was intended to be a 4-layer cake, but one of my cakes stuck to the pan (argh!) and so I had to make do.  I tinted my buttercream frosting to a light teal color.  Then frosted the entire cake and set it aside for an hour to allow the frosting to harden a tad.

The next step was to “splatter” the cake.  I decided at the last minute that there would be ZERO splattering.  Instead I would make the cake APPEAR to have been painted/splattered.  I melted white chocolate and mixed one color at a time and began to use a toothpick to paint, drizzle, make the appearance of splatters.  I did white, purple, blue and yellow (in that order).

After the cake looked (to me) like a work of art, I put some more light teal into a bag and piped decorative flowers around the edges.  I made a frosting flower and put it in the freezer to harden.  Little matching flowers were placed on the cake for added prettiness.  Once the frosting flower was hardened I added it to the cake.


Happy “Splattering!” 😉






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